BBC THREE Don’t take my baby away

This show was about two couples with learning disabilities, one with physical disabilities and one who lost their sight in left eye. She spoke about when met she met a nice guy who had a nice time and a drink. She made love the first time with guy on that night. She didn’t know she got pregnant with a baby.

She had a baby girl. The programme showed how the couple would go though difficult times with the baby so social services had met the couple at the hospital to keep a close eye on both of them. Sometimes it was very emotional and difficult as well, the boyfriend got upset because he wanted his baby girl to come home with them but social services told them she needed more time at the hospital.

She came home but still had to be monitored at home with cameras and social workers came every day checking how they were doing. For the couple it was difficult to wake up because the boyfriend had been doing everything for his girlfriend: feeding the baby and tidying, getting the baby back to sleep. It was too much for him, so he was very emotional and angry at her not doing anything. He needed a drink and started shouting at her and pushed her off the couch on the floor. So he went for a walk and bumped into the social worker and told him he couldn’t do it any more. He was very emotional, he didn’t want this to happen for reasons. So the social worker finished work and drove him back, he picked his girlfriend up off the floor and put her to bed. He also made sure the little girl was sleep as well. The final day had come about. All the social workers and health professional development teams had a final discussion with the couple about whether they would manage and how they will cope with the little girl at home. All positive feedback. But all the team was discussing it. So the social worker come out and met the couple, and it was a negative response. The couple were very emotional and unhappy but the social worker fought for them. As we know, she come around to the couple’s home and told them they could keep the little girl. The couple were very happy and emotional and excited as well.


Eductation scecond school

Do think young people should learining about disabiltes and Mealth hearth issue in seconad school all over England ? as a subjcet so your people notes.

and what did think BBC THREE TV on disabiles 20-24 july 2015 this week .would like your viwes