Jeremy Corbyn’s Event at Union Chapel

There were three speakers before Corbyn: Owen Jones, Joanne K and Lady Phyll Opoku.

  • Owen Jones was speaking about society, tax, immigration, the NHS, what people want from society. He was also talking about Jeremy Corbyn and what he wants to do with the Labour leadership and what he wants to change.
  • Lady Phyll was talking about youth nowadays and how they need to be more mentored.
  • Joanne K was talking about rich people and how they don’t pay their taxes and also talking about rent caps, benefits and people’s rights to opportunities. She was also talking about the education system and how she wouldn’t send her children to private school.

Then Jeremy Corbyn spoke. He thanked all the volunteers, the campaigners, the production. He was talking about what needs to be done if he’s elected and what people want him to do.