THE CHAT UP EVENT SEPTEMBER 24TH 2015 Shami Chakrabarti, director of civil liberties charity, Liberty

My thoughts on Shami Chakrabarti:
The first question was about her childhood, her mum reading books as a child every night – all kinds of different books and how books are valuable to her life. Her favourite book is To Kill A Mockingbird.

It was quite interesting that Shami Chakrabarti wanted to study law, not because she wanted to be rich, but to stand up for people’s rights, being British and having a say in the world we live in today, whatever people’s background and culture.

My question as a British Bangladeshi to Shami Chakrabarti:
In the Bangladeshi community there are no people like me to speak about disabilities. All over London parents are hiding disabled young people away because they don’t have the encouragement to get involved in sports and social activities and to have a voice. They need more roles models in their own community. She called me “Bengali Boy” in Bengali, which I found quite moving and funny.







It was my first time going to manchester on my own I was bit nervous
but when got my virgin train I more confident to travel on my own on train I learnt how london can get so busy at all time people going to work in morning one it will be me get up everyday job.

I my experience on NHS England conference was to going around with a media team called were youth prouduce and me to asked question about people with leaning disabiltes there vews we asked people with learining disabiltes and non disabilites these question

1 what can you do to make your accessible to people with learining disabilites ?

2 tell us what you are doing in job to ensure your respect diversity ?

At the NHS Conference I went around had look what going on with new Health Professional.

Just say thank you to sarah wrigth from NHS
also thank you to media team called were youth produce
and thank you other interviwes aswell from the other organisation