music films

New 21 centre people films and music as pass thought the one older time what was first tape or record or VHS tape did hear or watch older classic  my was boys to men Michael Jackson and first film was severely stoned on VHS  I hear on YouTube my favorites produced Timberland who was in music industries who to find right beat and secondary beat find right balance between the on Dj deck now days new 21 centre people take loop tack other music software or or products if don’t agree please tell your views or commens


mr robort

Why is the internet so dangerous? I recently started to watch Mr Robot and it has opened my eyes in a very big way. I have found that all the personal information on Facebook, Twitter etc can be accessed so easily by hackers. We all need to be careful about what we are willing to put online about ourselves. Do you want to have a safe future? The question is yours.

South Bank University 8 October 2015 talking to studets who what to working with people learing disabiltes

I my first question was why I want to work in care working people learing disabiltes ? Because I went to special need school it was mix I don’t know want my careers was I as one personal with learning disability I want work people learning disability to develops my skills in group work communicates also build confident in young people and adults so start volunteer in different area like café working theatres work charity mancap sports .

Second question how to work with adult learning disability

good communication skills 1.1 with personal to build relationship
good team work
help the personal with learning disability to making choices my
beaning caring bubble also make sure safe in environmental
build up good relationship with family cares friends as well

three question is about me so now part charity call Heart&Soul Art organisation that works people learning disability in creativity in Arts and music, drama call part media team like filming blogging socialising network and I am trustee Heart&Soul. I space time like to play sports like football swimming, cooking,music and going out with Jeffrey my volunteer like speak at event