Charity Governance Awards 12/05/16 Repesenting Heart&Soul Charity Organization

TO Mark Williams COE Art Foundation for Heart& Soul just say Big Thank you  all your staff and vouluteer and paricipate artists like The Fish Lizzie Emem  Media Team  and Trustee let be part Fantaststic Organization. we were  short list for  nomination for Heart&soul  peaple leaning disabiltes and diversity artists .Mark Willams Lilly Cook shalim Ali Repesenting Heart& Soul


Lovely say why we love The Emotional Power of Beauitiful Sound Music







My thoughts are that I am a very open minded person, we live in the 20th Century in a diverse country with people from all backgrounds. People should open their minds to explore people who are gay, lesbian or have learning difficulties.


I think Gay marriage is a good idea, I like seeing two guys or two women together. I also think that people with learning disabilities should have the same opportunities to get married.


I am DJ Shalim feeling swag music, it comes to my ear while listening with my Beats headphones.

When the sun comes out I feel very creative with new ideas.
People with leaning disabilities can be gifted and talented and you can also become the hero that you want to be in music.
Share with family and loved ones, I am a happy gifted DJ with talent. I’m a kind man and helpful. I love to get people to get their dancing shoes on around me!


We set off at 08:07 to Liverpool from London Euston, but didn’t get there until 12:10! This was due massive train delays.


The tour didn’t start until 1pm so we were able to grab a quick bite to eat in a local café called Georgie Porgy. It is a place where a lot of Liverpool fans go before the game for pre-match food, it had a lot of historic Liverpool photos and paintings. The café was right opposite Anfield.


The tour started at the Bill Shankly statue, he is one of the great managers and they call him the King of Europe.


Once the tour had started the guide explained more about Liverpool Football Club and how the Anfield was being expanded. We also had a look around the directors box where the Chief Exec sits sometimes and where hard decisions with the managers are sometimes made.


We then sat inside the stadium and more of the history of Liverpool Football Club was explained to us. To be honest I didn’t know much about it, I started supporting Liverpool in 1997 because my family supported them.


We then had a look around the Anfield museum where they keep all the trophies Liverpool have won. Liverpool have won 18 league titles! They also had a section showing the legends that are Captain Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher.


We also got to see the collection of football shirts Steven Gerrard has been given, which was really cool! I also got a photo with the Champions League trophy we won in 2005 (which is ours to keep