Daybook help people learning disabilities to commotion 2017

I was  help a organization called voices abilities and choice support. to find a way to  commotion by use new daybook  app take pictures, writes, and  video  we planning how me Ali   jenny and Thomas cam man work together with new daybook app you download on laptop, mobile phones, and  table so everyone can use it young people adults help them commotion on day to day base.




South Bank Talking uni student with work colleagues Thomas Douka Quality Checkers 3/11/2016 november

I was doing a talk with student at south bank with colleagues Thomas talk about quality checkers. going differences types stage to be quality checkers  talk my experience living support housing bit myself the differences  all type of project been quality checkers self advocates  people learning disabilities,been part heart&soul art charity  working people learning in music creativets in arts making films events radio been also a trustee for the organization aswell part England Learning disabilities.

my advice be a support worker good communication skills good listening able to work as team . good interaction with the people your support build up self confidence and reach there goals.